An Arguably Effective Infiltration

In which lives are ruined.

No time to write up a story, so some quick notes on events in the previous session:

  • Division went to infiltrate Shi Yukiro Central Spire, looking for:
    • Secret dealings with other corporations.
    • Spies in E.I.
    • Secret technological advancements, especially in weapons, cybernetics or medicine.
  • Chaos managed to gain control over the security systems managing the Rank 1-3 apartments and surrounding area.
  • In trying to gain the same for the Rank 4-6 area, Chaos was successful, but the Division were forced to kill 3 security guards.
  • Danny went to get an Ion Katana made, raised some eyebrows, but got the smith to start forging one.
  • A lot of NPCs were mentioned / introduced:
  • The Spire is now under intense scrutiny while security tries to recover the damage dealt by Chaos.


Yaz Yaz

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