John Hopkins

Stats Skills
Strength 5 Arts and Culture 2
Endurance 5 Assess Tech 0
Agility 5 Athletics 2
Reflexes 6 Attitude 6
Perception 13 Business 2
Intelligence 8 Close Combat 3
Presence 10 Computers & A.I. 0
Corp. Knowledge 4
Crime 0
Cybernetics & Robotics 0
Drive 0
Heavy Firearms 3
Light Firearms 6
Looking Good 11
Lying & Acting 7
Mechtronics 0
Medicine 3
Observation 4
Pilot 0
Psychology 5
Science 0
Stealth 4
Street Culture 0
Support Weapons 0
Tactical Firearms 5


  • Anascan PSE (+1 PER)
  • Anascan Telemetric Vision x2 (+2 PER)
  • Krieg Cosmetics (+1 Looking Good)
  • Krieg Ocular Repigmentation x2 (+1 Looking Good, +1 Attitude)
  • VK Penis
  • VK Scent Diffuser
  • VK Domestic Controller


  • Style
  • Physically Perfect
  • Seductive Wink
  • Rapier Wit


  • Ken Chu – E.I. HR (1)
  • Duke – E.I. Weapons Training (2)
  • ??? – E.I. Military Ops (6)


  • Bounty Hunter
  • Combat Drugs
  • Law Enforcement
  • Light Firearms
  • Tactical Firearms
  • Public Appropriation
  • Offensive Equipment


Name AT Damage Rate Con EMPS Special
Cougar 19 D8 3 12 N/A Special bonus from starting wep?
Cougar 19 D8 3 12 N/A Special bonus from starting wep?

Misc Equipment

  • IV Medpack x2
  • Handcuffs
  • ID Scanner
  • PDA
  • AP Ammo x2

Armor / Shields

  • Flak Jacket (+1AV)
  • Field Shield (20HP)

Registered Credits: 1700
Slip Credits: 0

Current Experience: 7
Total Experience: 7
Rank Points: 3


John Hopkins

John lost his parents very young, and spent most of his childhood at boarding schools. He became an effective and charismatic demagogue at school and formed strong social convictions.

After studying Politics & Economics at a prestigious university, he turned down lucrative political and business offers in order to work with politicians espousing his social beliefs. He spent eight years dedicating his life to four campaigns, all of which were unsuccessful. Despite this, John distinguished himself with his charismatic speeches and astute political sense. The failure of his efforts drove him to depression however.

At 27, he was personally headhunted by David Samson, a powerfully charismatic UIG politician firing public opinion with radical speeches on social inequality. John joined his campaign hugely excited, finally believing he would be able to make an impact on the world. He developed a devotion for David and his message.

With its combination of a well funded team and radical social message, the Samson campaign was wildly successful, in no small part due to John’s work as a speechwriter and campaigner. David Samson was successfully elected to the UIG Senate.

Working for the new Senator, John was excited to change the social problems he had viewed with anger all his life. He quickly found, however, that his initiatives, and those of similarly minded colleagues, were mothballed and failed to produce action.

He went to speak to David – a man who he considered his second father and would have followed to the presidency – about the lack of action. David laughed in his face, calling him a naive fool. He described that the campaign had been bankrolled by the very actors who benefited from the inequality John was trying to cure. With tears streaming down his face, John demanded why? Why espouse such a beautiful message if he didn’t believe in it. David responded with wide smile. “Money and power”.

John quit the job he had worked all his adult life to achieve. He ignored David’s remonstrances and promises of power once he had ascended to the Presidency. He was furious at David, and all the politicians like him, but he was more furious at himself for wasting his life on ideals he now viewed as unachievable pipe dreams. He vowed never to believe in anything but the power of money again. With that purpose, he applied as an agent to EI, in his mind the corporation most honest about their greed.

John has good looks, charisma and style from his days as a politician (training and Krieg cybernetics being standard in that field these days). He also has reasonable light firearm proficiency – again standard self-defense training for anyone working in the upper levels of politics. He intends to leverage these skills to become as wealthy as he can, any way he can.

1. Why does the Corporation employ him?
Good looks, charisma, intelligence and the ability to handle a gun.

2. Does he have any family?
None that he knows of.

3. Does he fully support the Corporation?
He supports getting rich!

4. What is his operational method?
Smooth talk and a smooth smile open far more doors than a gun. When you’ve have to draw however, make sure you do it first.

5. How did he become a professional?
See above.

6. How does he dress?
Like you wish you could.

7. How does he deal with authority?
While a practical man, he has little respect for authority beyond how it can serve his means. He views politicians as the lowest of the low.

8. Who does he hate and why?
Presidential candidate David Samson is not his favorite guy.

9. Does he have a grudge against a particular faction or
No, though he loathes politicians, and has little respect for the UIG.

10. Who does he love and why? Perhaps no one.

11. Where does he live if not in Corporate Spire
Moving out of Secured Senate Accommodation, he plans to live in a luxury EI spire.

12. What does he do for fun?
Not having had the chance for much fun over the last 10 years, he plans to find out.

13. Why did he join the Corporation? Did she have a choice?
Yes. It seemed the most openly honest about it’s greed.

14. Does he have strong morals or ethics?
He did, but has chosen to throw them away.

15. What is his price for corruption?
What’s corruption? Oh look, I accidentally procured this intelligence for you. That will be ten thousand credits.

16. Superficial good looks are cheap – Is he attractive? If so, in
what way?
Yes. Conventionally handsome, augmented with good style, confidence and cybernetics.

17. Does he have any pet hates or bad habits?
Politicians? Perhaps overconfident.

In some way bring down / expose David Samson

Shoot someone with my gun! I had new eyeballs installed for this job for goodness sake!

John Hopkins

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