An Arguably Effective Infiltration
In which lives are ruined.

No time to write up a story, so some quick notes on events in the previous session:

  • Division went to infiltrate Shi Yukiro Central Spire, looking for:
    • Secret dealings with other corporations.
    • Spies in E.I.
    • Secret technological advancements, especially in weapons, cybernetics or medicine.
  • Chaos managed to gain control over the security systems managing the Rank 1-3 apartments and surrounding area.
  • In trying to gain the same for the Rank 4-6 area, Chaos was successful, but the Division were forced to kill 3 security guards.
  • Danny went to get an Ion Katana made, raised some eyebrows, but got the smith to start forging one.
  • A lot of NPCs were mentioned / introduced:
  • The Spire is now under intense scrutiny while security tries to recover the damage dealt by Chaos.
In which characteristics are noted and a world introduced.

On their first day working for Eurasian Incorporated, our heroes, John Hopkins, Tori Black, Chaos and Danny were sent on a mission to see how well they could fit in with the E.I. ethos. The mission was broad yet simple – recruit an asset from another Corporation into E.I. – and would reap rewards in line with the utility of the recruited asset.

Before they were even given their mission, however, Chaos and John each managed to make something of an impression with one Luc LeBlanc, an Agent in charge (through somewhat dubious circumstances) of both HR and R&D at the Corporation.

While there was some advantage implicit in being given Vastaag as a recruiting ground, getting an Agent to turn is often no small feat. To the surprise of all watching, the Division managed to recruit a Rank 4 Agent, Ken Chu, who has gone on to work as Luc’s assistant. In doing so, each of their Agents displayed their talent in their area of expertise and, although those in charge frowned of Tori’s acquisition of money from an outside source, they were compensated accordingly.

In reward, the Division has been given a fortnight of downtime and permission to spend as much of it as they would like on Vastaag before returning to the their new homes in the E.I. central spire for briefing.


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